Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Post For Cael

Why a post for Cael? Well, because apparently he likes my posts. I personally think it's because he gets mentioned so much... because lets face it it's not because he needs deeper in my head. He can ask any question he wants and I will answer it... impulsively.

First an announcement. Cael is no longer writing his blog. can weep if you want to. I did. However, since he is spoiled if there are any questions for him you can leave them on a post here or send me an email and I'll let him know and they will be answered on my blog. ...and maybe once I'm up there I'll add him to the author list and he can answer them directly, however I'm uncertain. You see I have the power now.. there was a shift you see (apparently like a kid tugging on his pant leg) Maybe I'll deny him access of my computer entirely. *nods*  *Ducks* *Flees*  *Bob and Weave! BOB AND WEAVE!*


In other news... I am watching Despicable Me right now. I love this show.

In other other news, I have been calculating. If I can lose 3 - 5 pounds a week by the first week in May I will have lost my initial 70 pounds or thereabouts. Once that's done then its a matter of losing however much Cael and I decide on. (110... I laugh at chu.) Why was I thinking about this? Because the aforementioned spoiled man wanted me to go on a trip with him. That would require a plane. First we had agreed not to see each other until I was comfortable with my weight... or more comfortable at least.  ... Which if I can keep on track and be kept on track.. I should be by then. However... planes terrify me to the point my stomach lurches up into my throat at the mention of me getting on one. Which is odd considering I have flown before... just a little field trip type thing when I Was little but still... I was alright. Not crazy about it... but okay. So why this is a fully blown fear now I'm not sure. May just be a matter of pushing through it.. I tend to do that with fears anyways.. it's a stubborn must face it streak I have. So... while I said no for now (because I want to be comfortable with him in person completely before I go putting myself on a plane and making myself even more uncomfortable... I want a safe place there... and he tends to be that) I have promised to go at another time. And knowing him he will think of other places he wants to go (And I may or may not suggest England when Sephi gets back over there *makes angelic innocent face*) so flying will happen. I am however reserving the right to hate him before we get on the plane, while we're on the plane and directly after we get off the plane. Then I will luff him again. ...until I have to get back on the plane.

I phoned Lady Di tonight... to see how her first days of work were and maybe perhaps possibly to see when she might be able to get the exercise thing she's letting me use down here. Cael has decided that I must do 20 minutes of cardio everyday (sticks tongue out and twists face up at the back of his head) and so the more things I am doing the less chances I have of being bored and getting stuck at a certain weight. So, she's going to get her son to go find it... which should be fun. I quite like her son and his gf. Even if he does tend to tease me a lot.. but really.. considering he is technically a cousin now and I don't like any of my other cousins... I think it works out. The first time I met him my uncle made some comment about him being cute and asking me if I thought he was. It amused me... because while he is kinda cute... he is so not even close to my type physically. He's rather skinny (and smokes a shit ton of's rather impressive.) and I just don't like skinny guys. I like thick, solid guys. I just do. Cael is always telling me that he wants to lose weight... and to be honest.. I'd probably pout. I would. I love his body type. I have odd fixations.

I Think that is all I have thunk. I'm off to maul Cael. Whenever he finishes supper. Gods!

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