Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Short Emptying

Why a short emptying? Mostly because I don't really have a lot to say I just have random things bouncing in my head and thought I'd share them.

First : I am officially back on my parsley pills. I Want to be on them about a week before I start exercising so my body has a chance to regulate a bit... and I Can get used to drinking a ton more water before I have to drink even more when I start exercising. So I'm thinking probably next week some time. I'm also thinking then because I doubt Cael is going to allow me much more time without doing it. He's funny like that.


Second : As I have recently acquired a stand mixer I have been playing with it. I even went and got my grandmothers bread recipes... there are pita recipes and whole wheat bread. Those are most definitely better for me than anything I could buy and to an extent I can control the calories in it. Large plus.


Third : I want to watch Despicable Me again.


Fourth : I was talking to Sephi about haircuts and ended up finding an old haircut of mine for her that I loved. Which led to me logging in to my Nexopia account where I had the picture. I have not been on there in a long time. If it wasn't two years I'd be very surprised. When I logged in I did some flitting around... which when you haven't played on there in a long time you're bound to do. I found a couple of pictures Cael had taken of a model. Now the interesting part? I actually sat there for a minute and waited to be jealous. And I was. But not of the fact that he's around half-naked girls, and free to do whatever he wants with them. I was actually jealous that this girl got to spend time with him when I can't and that they get to have him tie them up. It's an odd twist of jealousy. Thus... I mentioned it to Sephi and she thinks that because jealousy is a form of insecurity I don't have it because I feel secure with him. And it makes sense, I do.


Fifth : Speaking of Cael. The man is spoiled. The recipe book I've been working on for a while... Has pretty much turned into a point and have for him when I move. It might make me happy :)


Sixth : ... I wrote "Sex" instead of "Six" the first time. Deprived I am. I've chosen to blame the spoiled man :D

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