Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Drug Induced Ramblings

I've managed to hurt myself. I'm sure you're all shocked. I can feel it *nods*. Yet again I've managed to sleep wrong and then twist myself and hurt my back. It's not quite as bad as last time. I'm still able to move and walk around. Any time before this I pinched that nerve and my entire body locked up. Thus, no moving at all. Laying in bed for a week afraid to even blink. So, I am thankful for the mobility. I'm trying not to take a muscle relaxer today, instead I've taken an aleve pill. Though I do see a relaxer in my future.

I did go grocery shopping yesterday despite the pain. The walking helped a bit, even if I was being passed by turtles and the odd snail. I also stopped and picked up some colored sand. I wanted black, but ended up with a purpley - grey type color instead. It's sitting in a vase with a large red pillar candle in it. Thus why the black would have looked awesome, but oh well. I do plan to get a few other vases/dishes and do the same or have black rock with flowers in it. Essentially I know I'm stuck here for a while so instead of keeping the bare minimum around I'm making the space I have into something I like. I have a couple of pieces I want put up on my walls; a piece of soap stone with shadowed wolves on it and an eagle with its wings outspread and paintings of wolves on them. I already have a band mirror, an Edward Scissorhands drawing and a print up. My walls need painted though, badly. They haven't been done in ten years or more and when they were done my mother and grandmother did them pink and put up a teddy bear border around the room. Yes. I was impressed -.- .  Plus when my brother was younger he spent a lot of time in my room, trying to destroy it. I have random patches of spray glitter that just wont come off and random marks from pens, felts, glue, tape, etc. But he left his room alone, because he's an ass like that. I've scrubbed the walls and still these marks remain and I suspect greatly that I will have to live with them until I move.

Caels been quiet lately. He's been busy with family and friends and it's starting to get to him. He's a lot like I am. He likes staying home, and not having a bunch of people around so it's understandable. I'd be irritated by now too. Living together should take some getting used to I think :) .

Other than that I don't have much else to say. I had other things but they've currently deserted me. So for now, I'm curled up in my chair with my heating pad (seriously contemplating an electric blanket now) and fighting to stay awake. Damn drugs.

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