Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Sky Is Falling

1. Everything in the last two posts still applies and is quite stingy

2. Week three of punishment. My pussy is getting tender. Kinda hurts to sit.

3. My phone fell in the dogs water dish. It's more than likely fucked.

4. My internet is cutting in and out.

5. The massage oils I got a couple of weeks ago give me a headache. Most people I know are getting a bottle so I can get rid of it.

6.  I miss master. Fucking phones, internet, and serene.

7. My dad is unbelievably bitchy today. I'm waiting for his period to start any time now.

8. I should start supper.

9. I've passed crazy cat lady, I no longer even qualify for cats I'm so nuts.

10. Back to climbing walls, waiting to be allowed back in masters pocket.

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