Saturday, May 14, 2011

Place To Be

Since wandering onto the EdenFantasys website I've been searching. Searching for what? A toy? A candle? A mythical piece of lingerie?

No. I've been searching other sites. Other toy sites, other sex positives sites. I've even had things shipped to me from these other sites and you know what? EdenFantasys wins out.

Not just for their selection, or their easy to navigate website. No, for their people. I love the people on EF.

As you know I've submitted an article or two to Eden Cafe through Carrie Ann. And you know what? She is helpful, and nice and answered all my questions and is just all around awesome.

I've activated the affiliate program through Kris and then helped Sephi activate hers... and every question I had for her she answered within minutes and went above and beyond explaining past my questions.

And then there's Jenn. She's the first person I had contact with through EF, and she is really all kinds of awesome. She runs the ambassador program and has been peppered with my questions and hasn't told me I'm bothering her once and always answers quickly. We've talked about every day stuff and she's always friendly, and she's offered to try to up my ambassador gift cards eventually...without me asking.

Every person on EF helps improve the experience, and make it the only place I want to order from.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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