Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bound To Please?

It's Goodvibes time again!

Recently they sent me the Neoprene Restraints by Bound To Please. They are a multipurpose cuff made obviously of neoprene.

First we'll get the specs out of the way shall we? According to the product page these bondage restraints are 10” around,  and 1 ¾” wide. These are large cuffs. For use on wrists I do not see anybody that these could be too small for. You MAY (and that is a huge unlikely "may") have space between each edge of neoprene if you are a bigger person. To be honest though, I'm not tiny or small boned and these things wrap around my wrist and overlap quite a bit. For ankles, again you may have some space between neoprene edges but they should fit anybody comfortably.

Not long ago I purchased a wrist cuff set made by a leather company where I'm from. I love those cuffs. So these neoprene cuffs, to be honest I didn't expect to like them. I mean come on! I have leather cuffs with gorgeous D rings in them. How can anybody improve that?!

Well let me tell you, these are now my official ankle cuffs at night and wrist cuffs during the day when I'm cooking. Why? They are SO comfortable. They're soft and smooth and vaguely plushy so they are perfect for sleeping in. They're just right for being a constant reminded without bruising around my ankle bones like the metal ankle cuffs can do. They're neoprene...for those that don't know, that is what wet suits are made out of. At least the ones I've seen. It is waterproof. So if you like bath or water play you're covered! If you just wear them around the house, water splashing while you cook or clean, or if you wear them out when it rains you wont have any problems. 

The clips on these cuffs are a "claw" clip which is really cool, they're a lot hard to wreck than some of the other clips. I have pretty thoroughly tested these things. I yanked as hard as I could on the clip to see if it'll rip out, I've pulled on each end of the cuff, I've even clipped them together and tried to jerk them apart. I haven't been able to break them.

The only issue I've had with these cuffs is when I wear them on my ankles and walk around. The clip jingles, which if you're trying to be will fail. You can however cut it out if you don't intend to use them for bondage, or you can tape them down. If you just play in the bedroom and don't wear them outside of it, you're good to go!

Secret sub tip? If your dom clips them together or to something else you can twist enough you can reach the clip and unclip yourself and run. Not that any of you would do that right? :P 

These are great for people new to BDSM or just wanting to experiment. They're easy to get out of and light weight. They aren't intimidating. I'm not new but I still love these cuffs. Thanks to goodvibes for the opportunity to review them!

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