Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ugly Bugly Curl & Tug

What? When you're in a fragile state you can get away with saying those kinds of things!

I have an odd topic, very odd.

I want to talk to you about ugly things. Physically ugly things, that is.

You see, I recently purchased a new vibrator from EdenFantasys. If you've been to their site you know that it is set up in a sleek, modern and eye catching way. The colors, pink and green, compliment each other yet aren't overbearing. It is a very pretty site.

The toys on the site itself are quite pretty as well. There are glass toys with flowers set in the heads/bases, or swirls and colors done so well that you could leave the toy sitting out and nobody would think much of it. There are even ones that look like octopus tentacles. There are beautifully colored and designed silicone dildos, and some gorgeous vibrators made out of many different materials.

So what's my point in tell you all of this? Well, I got an ugly vibrator the other day. It's red and clear rubber type material. The clarity of it isn't that good though. It's just not a pretty toy. But ya know what? It's awesome. So often people are pulled in by the pretty toys, looking more at the way the toy is shaped..if it's odd somehow thus making it cool, or if it's colored differently. This toy though? It doesn't rely on it beauty to draw you in. It's just a damn good vibrator! The vibrations are deep and fulfilling without being buzzy or irrating and IT'S RECHARGEABLE!!

Plus right now EdenFantasys is having a huge sale, 20% off women's toys. Go check it out!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store


  1. what is it called?

  2. Rechargeable jack rabbit.. the link under vibrator takes you right to it.