Saturday, October 29, 2011

EdenFantasys Pulls Ahead

Okay, Okay.

I know I just wrote a post about EF a few days ago but this isn't a post on sex toys...there are no vibrators or dildos to be seen in this post (Go look at them anyways though! Just looking at them is enjoyable!). Something happened that I need to write about. I received a package yesterday and something happened in shipping that hadn't before and ended up costing me money. I was not pleased. This was the first time in the year that I've been working with EdenFantasys that I wasn't happy. I was upset about the extra charge but I was more saddened because I love EF. So, first thing I did was phone UPS and see what happened. Next, I sent in a support ticket to Edens customer service (btw, did you know they have their own Customer service forum?). In the meantime I was obviously upset so I mentioned that fact on twitter.

Well, my support ticket was answered by Rachel within about an hour and a half...on a Friday no less. We must have spent a couple hours going back and forth. In the end she gave me a discount code, and is looking into shipping policies for me. She also went way above and beyond and actually gave me her individual email address to email her next time I put in an order and she'll run out to shipping and check on it for me. That is way beyond what I was expecting her to do and makes me feel even more confident about ordering from them again.

While all this was going on, I was tweeting. I think I only got two tweets out before Kristi, who runs the main account for Eden on twitter, sent me a direct message. She asked what had gone wrong and sent me a link to submit a support ticket. I have never had a company respond on twitter like that and almost instantly. The customer support? Fastest I've ever dealt with. Seriously. I recently submitted a few messages to other companies about a week ago. I still haven't heard back. Once again. EdenFantasys proves why it's one of the leading companies and definitely has the best customer service I've seen.

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