Saturday, October 15, 2011

Save Your Ta-Tas Baby!

Well, I don't know if you've been living under a rock, in a cave or up in a tree with no power and refused to leave.

But ya know, in case you weren't aware I'll tell you.


It's breast cancer month.

No really, it is.

Breast cancer awareness if absolutely everywhere. There are grocery stores that have the iconic pink ribbons in the windows, or the flower shops with the ribbon on the flower paper. It doesn't matter where you go there are pink ribbons everywhere.

EdenFantasys is definitely doing it's part as well. This month they are hosting several articles about breast cancer on Eden Cafe. I myself submitted an article about early detection for the whole body not just for breast cancer. There have been several articles posted already that are heartfelt reminders to have yourself checked. They're also hosting a video contest which is now closed for entries but you can still go vote and have a say in who wins. They are giving away prizes for the top three videos.

EdenFantasys is taking a topic that is heartbreaking and painfully sad and making it fun for people to take part in. Which to me is a huge deal, if you make something a daunting task then nobody will want to do it. Make it fun and have people able to win prizes for promoting awareness? They are more likely to do it.

My family has been touched by cancer. Not breast cancer but still cancer and I know that the more awareness we have the more people know. The more they know the faster they may be able to catch the cancer before it spreads.

So once again, EdenFantasys is going above and beyond what a sex shop is.

On another topic? I currently have a whole box of bath products on its way to me. I promise to take pictures comparing the bath salts. I already love the kama sutra but I've never tried the shunga. There is also a bottle of bubble bath coming. I'm going to smell awesome!

EdenFantasys supports Breast cancer Awareness - Show your Ta-Tas Some Love

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