Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pucker Up Baby!

Did you know that EdenFantasys is ALWAYS getting in new products?

By now I'm sure you know that Eden carries sex toys, a lot of sex toys. Thousands of sex toys. They renew them a lot. They actually have a thread on their EdenFantasys Eden Link forum called Weekly Buzz.  Obviously by the name you can tell that they post a new thread every week. What does this thread contain? Why let me tell you!

New products.

A lot of new products.

This week alone there are at least three new vibrators, several new fleshlights, a bunch of lingerie and an entire new line of products. Which I will be telling you about in a few days. These things are so gorgeous they definitely deserve their own post.

One thing I found that they recently added that I haven't seen in the weekly buzz is a lip gloss. The lip gloss is made by Kama Sutra which is a huge plus to begin with. I have yet to find a product of theirs that I don't like. The gloss is flavored and comes in mint, cherry, or strawberry and gives "sensations" which sensations I'm not sure... it doesn't list anywhere the specific feeling you get. However, it is designed to enhance your oral pleasures. I think I'd enjoy just wearing it in general. I know I for one enjoy tasting good and plan to give one of these a try soon!

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