Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cla(m)p On! Cla(m)p Off!

Goodvibes being the wonderful company that they are sent me a set of nipple clamps.

You will understand the love/hate relationship with this particular toy if you've ever had a set of clamps. The site states they are " 2” long by 1” wide (5cm x 2.5cm) when fully closed; chain is 18” long (45.7cm)" They're a fair size, I don't see them not being able to accommodate anybody.

The "prongs" on this nipple clamp set are... well they're evil. They are coated in the typical rubber type material. However, they aren't just slid over the tips they are actually "painted" on so they don't come off. Which is a HUGE plus. I am forever losing the little black pieces from my previous set of clamps, that will never happen with these. Now for the evil parts, in order to take these off? You have to squeeze them tighter. Also? they're hooked. They don't just come to a point or edge like tweezer clamps. They come to an end and then turn in to provide a flat piece to grip the skin better I assume. Thing is, the edges of these dig in a bit. Which in the long run isn't a big deal. If you've worn clamps before you know that for extended wear they dig in anyways, these just start early. So, for extended wear you would have to keep adjusting them or be prepared that these ones will hurt more than average when you take them off.

For me, this isn't a huge thing. I get a more intense sensation faster. The more pressure I feel on my nipples the faster I reach orgasm so this for me is a plus. Faster climax = more climaxes. The longest I've been able to wear these was around 50 minutes and they HURT when they came off, but it was a good hurt that I felt for a while afterwards :)

Once again, another awesome product. I am really starting to love goodvibes!

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