Friday, March 23, 2012

Coming Home

Today was spent partly at my grandmothers and partly at home.

While at my grandmothers I spent some time with family that lives a few hours away. Again, I was reminded of why I'm totally happy not going to family events. As it is I refused to go to a wedding tomorrow. The cousin getting married is an absolute asshat and I refuse to spend any time with him. His sister is alright.. acts like she's 15 when she's 30 but she's nice enough. Her daughter irritates the shit out of me. She's 12 and she's one of those kids you just want to clock and knock them on their ass.

While I was there the cousin I don't like showed up and tried intimidating my dog. My whole thought on that is pretty clear. Fuck. That. Shit. She's MY dog.. and just because he feels the need to be "dominant" to everything and everybody in the room isn't my problem. She doesn't like him.. he pushes it and I step in the middle of his shit pile every time and piss him off. He's determined that he's not intimidated by any woman, and will always be dominant. Fuck that. He can't even top a dog. I'm waiting. Waiting for the perfect time to rain all the fuck over his parade, and gods will I enjoy it. He pisses me off. He's a born again christian who thinks women should be seen not heard, should be dominated and kept in their place. Not the kind of attitude you want to be flying around my family. BELIEVE ME.  Very dominant women in my family. I'm submissive to who I'm with because I enjoy it. In general though.. not at all. I think we can all agree that when the time comes I'll enjoy very much shoving that "place" I'm supposed to be in right up his ass. The prig that he is.


So then I came home :)

And I curled up in my sweats and listened to audio books and just.. relaxed. I'm excited, a friend of mine is moving back to where I am. She moved a province away about a year ago and I have missed her like fucking hell. She's also had a baby I'm already in love with. I can't wait for her to get here. Can't wait to have somebody to spend time with again. Somebody that I'm comfortable with. Love the girl. 

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