Monday, March 19, 2012

A Filled IOU

This Christmas I got my cousin an IOU as a present. He wanted my homemade salsa, but was going back overseas so it would have spoiled before he even got home to eat it. As such, I gifted him a box.. an empty vibrator box to be exact.

He and I have always picked and mocked on another. I tend to win, and it surprises him every time. So, the vibrator box seemed totally appropriate. And it was, and totally is.

However, he is home now and will be back down near where I live for Easter. So, I'm making him the salsa, but I have another surprise for him. His fiance Elle, had suggested that I get him a gigantic black dildo.  Apparently he's always wanted one and she felt it would be a perfect mock present. So, that was my plan. I'd scoured EdenFantasys searching for the perfect oversized cock. I poured through the sex toys looking for something that would phase him the most. I was uncertain.

Then it happened.

It showed up on day on the New products list.

It was perfect.

It was a gag gift. It was mockery personified.

It was a fucking heffalump!

I cannot wait to see the look on his face for this one. My only concern is he'll want to model it for the group. My nerve is bigger than his, bring it on I say :D

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