Sunday, March 11, 2012

O Hai

Sorry for the week of silence.. I think I finally had the time to just sit and put my head back on straight instead of all cockeyed like it was before. *Pauses for the immature pervy giggles. I paused while writing it :D*

I spent the night last night at Lady Di's, watching movies and downing a bottle of Palm Bay to myself. Wha? I don't know how it happened!

Then this morning I woke up, left Lady Di's and went grocery shopping. I gots fruit. Watermelon, and cantaloupe, strawberries and pineapple.. oh the happy. I also got a bunch of veg to replenish my snacking tray and two kinds of greek yogurt. I love spring.. it leads to summer which has awesomely cheap produce. I crave healthy things.. this time of year is awesome :)  Just wait until I can get the BIG watermelons *cackles*

As a treat to myself I also grabbed some nail polish. Shock and awe ensued. I have not used nail polish in a long, long time.   In fact I went to use some the other night and it all came out in one big gloopy ball. So, out with the old and in with the new! I figure as long as I take it off every few days and soak my nails in olive oil like I used to do then my nails should be fine. Always before they'd flake and just be a pain but they did that without the polish. I have high hopes for this stuff.. it's more expensive than the last stuff I had so hopefully it wont just flake/peel off after a day. Plus it's a kick ass color! It's called Black tie and depending on how the light hits it it's a deep, forest green or a lush purple, or even a greyish color. I love it. I demand it works for me! 

Now? I'm off to the bath :D  Good day!

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