Thursday, March 1, 2012

Holy Shiat!

So, as I nonchalantly do now and then I sauntered on over to my stats today. This blog? In has had the most hits it has ever gotten in a 24 hour period before. The most hits it's ever had in a day. I am pretty damn excited :) To everybody that wandered through today thank you and hello! I hope you come back :)

Now, onto the real post.

I recently ordered some towels from EF. Yes. Towels from a sex shop. In my defense they're large, 100% cotton towels that are great for my hair and were on sale 2 for 1. Anyways. They were delivered. In Atlanta, Georgia. I do not live in Georgia. I live in Canada. Needless to say USPS has made it onto the list. *death glare*  Then to make things worse I can't even contact USPS because they require info on US citizens have in order to fill out an email to send them. And if I want to call it costs an arm and a leg in long distance charges. Not impressed. But, EF is reshipping the items. Hopefully they make it to me this time.

Over the last several days I've noticed something. I want bitten. Badly. A friend of mine kind of bit me the last time he was over, but it was just barely a brush of teeth. I want that kind of bitten that makes my knees buckle and my eyes roll back in my head. I want to be bitten hard enough I scream and bruise. I miss that feeling, I miss it a lot. I think that may be close to the top of the list of things I want done to me. It's been on my mind all day. Of course, this could tie into the fact that my horny seems to have coming roaring back over the last few days. It had died months ago, now though? Oh good gods. I have a friend that I've talked about playing with before, and he's been invading my dreams lately. And I do mean invading in a very literal sense. I remember being pinned down and fucked hard enough I was screaming and making those little inarticulate sounds you make when it feels so good and is so hard you can't help but make sounds. Those sounds you make when every sense you have is overwhelmed. These dreams are reoccurring.  They are not helping the horny situation. Neither is the fact that he's pretty hot.

I've been contemplating ways to bring the treadmill upstairs. I need it in my face to use it.. and to lose some of the weight I've managed to gain back. Not a lot, but enough to irritate me. I also want to lose more weight (No! Really?!)and it being folded up in the basement is really doing me no good. I want to get back down to my slender curvy size. I like that size.. I am nowhere near that size right now but damn it I'll get there! Then I want that fucking mentioned above. *points up*

Now, I leave you with this:

To which I have been singing and dancing for over an hour. Not nicely either.

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