Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Gay Little Spring Song

Well, it is officially Spring. A time for new things.. new life, new growth, fertility, time to reconnect with the outdoors.  Time even for a change of Deities. Go googling.. just beware that you may lose hours of time. I always do.

This year I'm actually excited to be outside for the first time in a long, long time. I feel more comfortable.. free. It's.. awesome. I used to love spending time outside, the last little bit I really disconnected. Spent time outside for a bit but would rather be inside. Right now I'm already longing to be outside in the sun, near the river on my families land. I'm just ready.

I even smiled at the squealing children outside today. All last year and the year before that I hated listening to all of the kids in summer. I'm not saying they wont irritate the hell out of me in a month but right now.. it makes me smile.

I'm just content. So, I'm oddly happy to welcome spring, and Freya back among us. Tomorrow morning I plan to brew some tea and sit out on the deck. I am embracing my pagan ways and mixing them with my farm girl and tom boy tendencies.

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