Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yes. I know.

Well I'm not apologizing again for the lack of posting. I refuse -.-

There just hasn't been a lot going on right now. Or nothing I see as blog worthy. I definitely need to get back into the habit of blogging every day. I miss my commenters and emailers!

As a quick rundown on all the things that have happened since I blogged.. few as they are.

Our furniture has finally bit the dust. I mean, it bit it a long time ago we just couldn't afford to replace them. The set we have upstairs used to belong to my great grandmother. They're old. The legs on the couch are rickety at best. The one is actually a wooden log. The chair is a rocker and the mechanics under it are totally screwed to the point I sat in another chair for a while then went back to that one and my back is still fucked up about a week later. It's sentimental value, yes but they still need to go. The set I found has a couch, chair and loveseat to it so it's more seating than we have now and they're deep cushions and are the older style that you actually sit IN not ON. They're comfortable. I like them. Plus they're made of real wood, not particle board shit and they were on sale. My thrift knows no bounds! As an added bonus they're sturdy and should probably last my parents the rest of their lives. They're not in their 60's but they're at that point where you start looking at things going "They don't want to replace this again so get the better one, the longer lasting one." It's weird that feeling.

I've recently rediscovered a love for the TV show Dharma and Greg. It's just amusing.

I've ordered my cousin a present from EF. A gag gift but still. I'll make a post on that in a few days.

And that? I believe is all. So really.. nothing is happening at all. Though my weight did go back down so now I'm only about 4 pounds away from where I was. I seem to be stuck again -.-  Aside from one meal this week my diet has mostly consisted of fruit and veg. Still no budge. I'm hoping once my back relaxes and stops screaming at me I can get out walking again. So sick of this weight. But it will come off damn it!

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