Sunday, November 21, 2010


Today I was told I am a brat. Yep. Cael said it. I was shocked. How could I possibly be a brat!? You know, other than the sarcasm I added into my "thank you" to him. It was a sincere thank you... but it needed some attitude. It just did.  I can almost feel the anticipation you all have for me moving up there and being within reaching distance when I do this shit.

So, I am finished my psych... after I was so subtly pushed into finishing it immediately by "Teh all-powerful domly one."  Now I have a day or two to do nothing... until I get more psych. Yes. Moar.

As my brain is drained I am giving you this :

There were nights she was uncertain. There were nights she wanted to run. But tonight as his arms tightened around her, as his breath caressed her ear and he growled "Every breath you take is mine. Every beat of your heart is mine. Every tremble, and every moan. You're mine," there was no doubt in her mind, or her body as she arched and opened to him. Tonight she was his.

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