Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Having Flashes. Oh How I Wish They Were Hot.

A conversation I've had with Sephi

Serene: Have you ever purred at Karson unintentionally?
Sephani: not that I know of :P\
Serene : *hangs head* Shit. I just purred when Cael text me.
Sephani: awwwwwww
Serene: I can just see me purring when he walks into a room.
Sephani: haha so can I :D
Serene : *covers face*
 Sephani: *pets*
Serene: Don't encourage the kitteh! 
Sephani: aww purrs!
Serene: I can see when we meet that'll be a source of entertainment for you. "Cael leave the room and come back! I want to hear her purr! "
Sephani: :D moi?
Serene: Oui.
Sephani: ok maybe a lil :D
Serene: Smidgen huh?
 Sephani: uh huh
Sephani: but only because I CARE
Serene: about your entertainment?
 Sephani: well yeah that too of course
Sephani: can't fault a girl her entertainment can ya?
Serene: I suppose so
Serene: or not
Serene: No more thinking!
Sephani: nu uh! you already agreed!
Sephani: I win!
Serene: Sigh. Fiiiine
Sephani: *dances*
Serene: I hope you fall off your piano!
Sephani: not this time miss ma'am!
Sephani: I has skid proof shoes
Serene: Fine. I hope you fall off your organ... later. *wiggles eyebrows*
Sephani: ROFL cheeky
Sephani: I like it :D
Serene: So, no more coffee for me? 
Sephani: probably not


The flashes I'm getting? They're of all the responses to Cael that could come up just by him walking into the same room as me. It could get very embarrassing. Even now I purr at his texts, or wiggle, or smile uncontrollably. All of that could happen. I'm just hoping I don't get to the point of saying "Yay" or clapping. Really, really hoping.


Now, as for the piano comment above?


That's my happy dance. Thus the piano. The organ thing was just unfortunate *Nods*

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