Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today I had a flash of relief so strong, I was actually dizzy. Cael was MIA for a while for reasons, and I was worried for several reasons. Seriously... like ready to pack my shit and go up there worried. When he text me and told me what happened, I literally got light-headed I was so relieved. Now I'm still ready to pack my bags and go up for other reasons... but I can't. He's told me he wants me to stay here and finish my schooling. Which in a way is a form of getting me up there since I wont go until my schooling is done, thus me staying and getting it done... means I'd get to go sooner. But, but I'm still worried. What's happening is a pretty big deal and I want to be up there for him and for me. But he's in charge. So I will stay here, I will do as I'm told. Though I will be making sure I get updates on what's happening. I will not be in the dark. I spent two days there... and I must say, unpleasant.

Don't you all love when I make no sense!? I promise I will soon :) Well, as much as I ever did.

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