Monday, November 15, 2010

Holy Epic Fail Batman! (Just plain batman... not Sephi, you see she is "The Batman")

Today, Well today failed spectacularly.

In all fairness it started last night around 2 am when I heard somebody beating on my front door. Now, generally if I heard somebody knocking on my door at 2am... I would not be inclined to answer it. But, this was most definitely a frantic, somethings wrong knock...besides, I live with hunters I'm fairly secure haha. However, I am still paranoid so I flipped the light on and looked out the window. It turned out to be the girlfriend of a friend's father. This friend has a very long history of drug and alcohol use and abuse and then delusions of super strength. I have actually seen this guy burn his leg to the point of pretty much seeing bone and not want to go to the hospital and acts like nothing has happened. Turns out this guys dad had walked into my friend's house to find him laying on the floor drooling, pretty much unable to move. So he took him to the hospital and they pumped his stomach. Once they did that... he had decided he wanted to leave and was literally being held down in the bed by his father. After a year of not seeing this guy (random shit, lack of effort, usual stuff.) they had decided to come get me to help. Why you ask? Because this guy listens to me. Nobody knows why, but he does. He did some things back when we went to school together that made everybody else afraid of him to the point he wasn't allowed to be in the hallways alone, and he didn't listen to the teachers or anybody else.... so they'd freak out for minutes at a time at whatever he was done. When I got tired of listening to them I'd tell him to stop and he would. Once that happened I pretty much got babysit duty no matter where he was in the school. But seeing as how I got along with him and wasn't scared of him, I didn't see it as a big issue. So when he started freaking out in the ER, the girlfriend came to get me. When I got there they had cuffed him to the bed and while I was talking to his dad... he somehow got out of it. We still don't know how he did it. After him fighting people and me finally telling him to get his ass back into the bed... he did and I spent the rest of the night sitting there until the drugs wore off enough he stopped trying to leave.  That, was fail number 1.

Fail number 2 happened when I was talking to an ex and completely spaced out on other things to the point I was just answering and not really realizing what I was saying. That happened until I stopped doing the other things and realized just how far down into the ditch the conversation had gone. Once I stopped panicking I told him that I had to go and he pouted at me and I just shut shit down and left the house. Literally the house. What happened was something I have been avoiding literally for years because it causes fights and a lot of tension. And to be honest, I am just not in that place anymore. Now, now I have to deal with the aftermath. It's going to be very unpleasant. After this happened I talked to Cael about it and he is now in control of my sex life. He has teh powa! I now ask before anything like that happens, physical or not. 1. Because while my judgement is generally good, I have moments where it isn't (as everybody does) like today. 2. Because he is in control and honestly...I would most likely have asked him if I could anyways. So, now "The Man" is in charge.

Fail number 3. While walking home tonight in the dark... I walked into a garage door... that was sitting in the middle of the alley. What the fuck?!


  1. I am The Batman :)

    in other news...first the ninja kitty and now an entire garage door!? jebus woman! stay out of the alleyways!