Tuesday, November 16, 2010

*Trembling Breath*

(Just a note, This changes nothing from previous arrangements other than his dominant is back. )

Today? Today has made up for all the bad that was yesterday. (also, there was a number 4 last night after I posted. My water bottle exploded...soaking me and my bed. According to Cael I "wet" the bed. He thinks he's funny, lets not encourage him.)

Today began with me going grocery shopping. Which lets face it, I love to cook.. so grocery shopping is going to make me happy. It just is. After that I went to lunch with my mother and then we headed home. When I got home I talked to Sephi, and Cael. This is where my day took a turn to "Perilously close to peeing my pants happy." .... I don't think that needs to be copyrighted. I don't think anybody would steal it haha.

I have been smiling for over an hour now. It started when I was talking to Cael about christmas and vibrators (don't ask. We have unique conversations okay?) He is now getting me a christmas present, in the form of a vibrator (Squee!) Which in general makes me happy and feel special. Then I opened my mouth to ask him not to get a butt plug. Why? Because last time we talked about this... it involved a butt plug. He said since it was christmas that he wouldn't. I'm not inclined to believe him and I wont be until I open the box and don't find one. Why? Because his dominant streak has come roaring back!! Which is why I am so happy.  When I realized this, I sent him an "ass grab" over text. This was something that I used to do a lot and he'd stop me, or do something to retaliate. Lately he's just let me do it. So basically it was a test to see just how much of this streak had come back. Yeah. It's almost all back*prances in a circle*. He stopped me and told me that I hadn't earned PDA yet. It's something I have to earn, it was at this point that I wiggled and almost swooned. Plus, I found out he's already contemplated other rules for whenever I'm up there and I may get some more (other than the stretching and play time ones I already have) for down here.  I am so happy. I've smiled so much my cheeks hurt.

My little world? It's been set right today. *nods* Now, if you'll excuse me I'm off to go prance and smile gleefully. (And for Sephi's benefit, mostly because I doubt anybody else will get the symbolism here) You can call me flower.

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