Thursday, November 4, 2010

Goo Be Gone

The last few days, weeks even I have had The Goo. The Goo is residing in my head where my brain used to be. My brain you see, has liquified. No real specific reason why, other than a build up of things and my mind just quitting. It packed its bags and said "I'm out!"

Now as I have had several emails from my last post I will update it. Yes, my cat was found. She is safe at home, snuggled in snoring away on my bed where she belongs. My back is doing better. I'm actually able to move now. Though I did spend a lot of time crawling around and have bruised palms to prove it. Muscle relaxers help... though not when talking to Sephi and she makes me laugh... then it just plain hurts *glares in her direction*   As for the thing I wasn't ready to talk about? I'm not going to. If this person decides to then it's fine but since I was in the dark... I don't have much to say. Especially now that it's resolved and all is okay.

And the new things I planned to talk about? I can't's not resolved and honestly? I'm scared, worried about it. It's a little terrifying. I'll share when and if I can.

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