Saturday, June 18, 2011


I am so fucking fried today I can't even remember if I showered. So, I'll be doing that (possibly again) soon.

I'm so over whelmed with everything from school, personal things, and pms my chicken wouldn't cook right last night and I ended up in tears. Over burnt chicken. Of all the shit going on THATS what put me over the edge.

I ended up in tears and crawling to Cael. I luff that man so much. He doesn't even get phased by my moments. He just awe's me and lets me curl up to him for a while until the sky quits falling. He is the most amazing master man evah. I miss him. He's busy this weekend. And next weekend. And works all week and is usually tired as hell when he gets home so he's quiet. It's going to be interesting.

And that? Is all I have today. I'm off to do some more work. Great.

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