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Review - Love Essentials Kit - for those of you who don't know is an internet based store that carries a variety of sex toys . Recently they were nice enough to send me a product to review. What did they send me?

The Love Essentials Kit . Now, anybody who knows me, already know that I have a thing for body products. I love them. So this kit had me standing at the post office waiting not so patiently for the truck to come in.

First of all it's from Kama Sutra. I am absolutely in love with this brand. Everything is high quality, and gorgeously packed. The Love Essentials Kit comes in a very sturdy multi-tone green box with what looks to me like a pink lotus on the top of the box. It has the words "Kama Sutra Love Essentials" written in larger print across the flower and "Be prepared for romance with these lovemaking essentials" in smaller print below it. So to me, I could leave this box out and not worry about people seeing it. However it is not the most discreet thing, so if you have children or people poking around your room this is something you may want to put away if people knowing that you have this type of thing bothers you. If you're like me though, it's decorative enough that I'm quite happy leaving it on my dresser. Really, in the large scheme of things, this is not a sex toy so leaving it out really is not a big deal. Especially if it blends into other things in your bedroom.

Upon opening the box there is a cardboard insert keeping everything packed tightly in the box.  All the items are sitting in a nest of brown, shredded, cardboard-esque paper that has been crinkled up. This doesn't sound appealing but it actually looks really nice put all together.  Instantly after opening the box up you smell the Honey Dust. The entire box smells of it and the scent is strong enough that the scent lingers in the area the box is placed. Which to me is not a big deal, it's not an over powering or unpleasant scent.

Inside the box there is a small glass vial of The Original Oil Of Love, a feather duster, a black drawstring bag with a plastic bag of honey dust inside, and a small tube of lube.

The Original Oil Of Love comes in a small glass bottle weighing in at .75 fl oz. It is not a flip cap, the cap on this bottle screws off. So upon tipping the bottle a lot of the oil can come out if you aren't careful. I used this bottle 3 or 4 times and got about a 10 minute massage each time. I however did not do the entire body. A leg, a foot, a thigh. I do not believe that this bottle is big enough to do an entire body, if it is it will be a short massage. This oil is a warming oil, meaning once you massage it into the skin and blow on it the body part you blew on grows warm. It's not a minty, burning warmth. It's a smooth warmth that gradually warms up but for me it wasn't a largely noticeable thing. Not anymore than the warmth and friction created by a massage.

As well as being a warming oil it is also flavored. It has hints of chocolate and cinnamon, but the strongest I found was the vanilla. Which isn't a bad thing, but it's not high up on my list either. The great thing about this though is it has no aftertaste at all unlike a lot of other flavored products.

This oil contains glycerin, propylene glycol, water, sucrose, sodium saccharine, fragrance, cinnamomum, cassia leaf oil, benzyl alcohol, yellow 5, blue 1 and red 40.

These ingredients mean that though this is a massage oil it is not moisturizing. At least it wasn't on me. This IS a massage oil, it doesn't work as a bath oil, or moisturizer. Since this contains glycerin as well as sugar although it is flavored it should not be used on, in or around genitals. Glycerine and sugar can cause infections. It can however be used to tease, nipples, thighs... anywhere else is safe. Another issue with this is... I cannot use this oil on my partner. Because of these two ingredients it will mat, tangle and pull hair. My partner is rather fuzzy so it will pull on his body hair as I use it and that is not relaxing to him, like a massage should be. If you or your partner don't have much body hair and don't plan to use it as a lube or flavor aid in that area then you will probably love this oil. For me, because I can't use it on my partner or as a moisturizer it's not something I'd end up buying.

The lube included is the Love Liquid, by of course Kama Sutra. This lube comes in a brown/bronze vaguely purple squeeze bottle with a black pop-top lid. Which means it's basically leak proof as long as that seal is good.

The ingredients for this lube are : Water, glycerin, propylene glycol, hydroxyethylcellulose, tetrasodium EDTA, citric acid and sodium benzoate.  .... which basically translates this is a water based lube. So it is safe to use on any toy you have.

Now, I've written several posts where I have mentioned how much I loathe lube. Most of the time I can stay wetter without it. It dries me out.  So, when I opened the box and saw the lube I didn't think much. I had no expectations of it other than knowing I'd have to find some way to empty it out so it didn't explode in the garbage when I tossed it. It was the last thing I tried out of this kit because I didn't want to try it. Then I did. And I was wrong.

This is absolutely the ONLY lube I have ever used that has worked for me. I stayed lubricated, I didn't have to reapply, I didn't need a bunch of it to make it slick enough to work. It's not scented, it's not flavored, it's not colored. It's just a normal lube. The only issue I found with it is that it got tacky as soon as I was finished. Anywhere the lube touched was slightly sticky. Which, because this is the only lube that has worked for me, I can over look. It's not a big deal for me to wash or shower after. If you're the type of person that has sex or climaxes then just goes to sleep... I don't know how well it would work. I wouldn't recommend it. I don't know if it'll dry, absorb into the skin or just get stickier and attach your sheets to your crotch like some sort of failed cape-ing attempt.  To me, this doesn't get as sticky as flavored lubes that contain sugar, so if you've used those without a problem then this will be fine.

And lastly we have the Sweet Honeysuckle Honey Dust with a feather applicator.

The dust contains : corn starch modified, glucose, zea mays (corn) starch, honey, silica honey extract, sodium saccharine, fragrance, sodium benzoate, amyl cinnamal, benzyl alcohol, eugenol, hydroxy ctitronellol, benzyl salicylate, geraniol, linalool, cintronellol, benzyl benzoate.

To store this you should leave the powder in its original plastic bag that you can then sit inside the black pouch. Due to varies cat attacks of the bag I finally had to just dump it into the pouch. It now resides in the box. If I want to use the powder I pick up the box, not the bag. What happens is the pouch becomes like a powder puff.  The powder is very very fine, around the consistency of powdered sugar. It is called a dust for a reason. When you open the pouch, or even the plastic bag you will get a poof of the dust. Especially if you have a window open or a fan on. It gets everywhere if you aren't paying attention. My partner isn't really into flavored products. So, this powder is purely for me whether I use it on him or myself.

You should not order this assuming this will smell like, because it doesn't at all. It smells exactly like a honeysuckle flower. Which, does give it a vague flowery taste but it's not overwhelming. It mixes well with the honey so it doesn't even seem out of the ordinary. The scent of this product is very soft, it's not overpowering. You could apply it and the only way somebody would be able to smell is it to have their nose almost touching your skin. So for that purpose its a very intimate product. Which is a win win for me. If I can get him closer to me I'm happy.

When applying this product you have to make sure there is little to no air drafts in the room you're in. When you dip the feathers into the powder it will blow the powder off the applicator before you even get to your body. It's that fine. The best way to use it is in a thin dusting. The thicker it is the more of the corn starch you can taste. If it's just a light dusting then you just get the flavor and scent as intended. I've found the honey dust works great right after a bath, it makes you soft and smell nice, even if you're the only one that can smell it. It also works as a body powder. Under breasts especially in summer time, it gets warm and if you have enough chest you do sweat. It works on any other area that sweats too. This is great for that, it helps keep everything dry. It's not a clinical or cloying flowery, or even baby powder scent that most powders sold for this generally are. Even though it contains honey it doesn't get sticky at all. Even if you sweat, or get sprayed by water, or have a drink spilled on  you (unless the drink contains sugar) it will stay smooth and unnoticeable. It didn't even get sticky when it was licked or kissed. I love this powder.

The feather applicator for exactly that. It's an applicator. If you or your partner enjoy the teasing touch than it can be incorporated into foreplay and make the application of the dust much more erotic. For me, the feather doesn't do much. It's very gentle and soft and it just isn't something I flip over. It does however apply the dust really effortlessly. I do find though, that because the bag is so small that the powder sits in it's easier to  hold the feathers half way down the stems and dip it in the powder that way. If the bag was bigger it would work fine, but since it's not the biggest bag it just makes a mess unless you're very careful. And honestly? I don't know anybody that's going to remember to be careful with the dust when they're playing with their partner.

For me? This box was great. All of the products worked well together, and even smelled really good together. I liked almost everything included and do intend to order more of them. I didn't love the massage oil, but it taught me that. And it did it without me spending money I can't get back on a large bottle of the oil that would just sit in my drawer and go bad. Kits are generally meant for getaways and surprise nights, even though they last much longer than that. I've had my kit for a couple of weeks now and I've been using it quite a bit and I still have over half of everything almost. Gift Sets & Kits are also really good for introducing you to products in small doses so you know if it will be worth it to buy the larger individual products. I will definitely be getting more honey dust and another thing of lube when these are empty.

Thank you to for letting me review this kit. I'd also like to tell everybody on twitter to go follow this company. They post about different articles, products and contests. It's so worth it, who doesn't like contests?!

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