Saturday, June 25, 2011


As you know I've been on an orgasm avoidance binge. Still am actually. But, every now and then I log into my account on EF and go searching. I even placed an order a bit ago and it arrived a day early.

No toys of course, but toys aren't all EF sells. I opened my little brown box and found a Jimmyjane Afterglow candle. It's the gingersnap scent which smells amazing, thought I am eying the black current scent next.

I also got a "Romantic Candle" which is a loose wax candle. I also got some Shunga massage oils  I have the orange and apple of those, the apple doesn't seem to have much scent but the orange smells amazing.   I use the oils like lotion most of the time. Just a tiny little bit will do my entire body and I'm really soft and smell great afterwards. I've found that I like the Shunga oil better than the KamaSutra brand. The really herbal like scents give me a headache. But the Shunga oils do not. They're also great for baths. I'm a little sad I didn't figure this out in winter, I generally don't take baths in summer.

So, even if sex toys aren't your thing there are plenty of other "toys" for you at EdenFantasys!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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