Saturday, June 11, 2011

That Time Again

Okay Pervs and Pervettes, it's time again to immerse ourselves in EdenFantasys. So far we've looked at some awesome toys, great sales and the amazing people who work there. What's left you ask? Oh, quite a bit.

Did you know that EF has clubs? Quite a few too. My favorites though? The Eden Lives Healthy Club, Eden Cooks, and (my most favorite a shock I'm sure) Eden Kink. Each club holds a meeting about once a month. All you have to do to be included is show up! I can be pretty shy, but going to the meetings is something I've come to really enjoy. I always do my best to make the meetings and talk to everyone. I especially love the Kink club, last month it was a workshop for making a homemade flogger. This month we're talking about misconceptions in the lifestyle. Who in this lifestyle hasn't encountered those?!

Of course there are other clubs, and if you just want to participate but not make the projects that show up now and then? Well, EdenFantasys is a sex toy shop. Buy a flogger! You can never have enough, right?!

As an added bonus today I'm sharing something that has intrigued me for a couple of months now. A Y Clamp set. Somebody I know needs to get this so I can see just how badly I actually want one. So, if you luff me (or if I manage to throw you under the bus and your owner makes you) go buy a Y clamp and report back!

Eden Clubs and Events - Community Clubs, Events and Workshops from EdenFantasys

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