Friday, April 6, 2012


I haven't forgotten to update. Just... been adjusting.

Cael and I still have to sort out what happened with the blow up. Talk about some stuff.. essentially I need a shit ton of reassurance and right now he has other things that need to come first for the next couple days. Since that's all I want to talk about it's not fair to blog about it without talking to him first. Thus.. the silence.

I have to say though, even with this thing needing his attention.. he talked to me yesterday. He wouldn't have before. I'm kinda grateful and excited about that. I like the changes he's made. I like them a lot. Just a matter of keeping them going, keeping us going forward and not derailing again.

In other news my cousin is currently here. He was asking questions about my sex toy reviews and selling them and so on. He thoroughly freaked himself out. It's like he hasn't figured out yet that if he asked a question, I WILL answer it. It doesn't make me uncomfortable. It makes me laugh my ass off because he's bouncing around and completely uncomfortable with the topic.. that he chose.  *shrugs*

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