Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I know I owe a post about being at Caels. And it will get up there. The only reason I'm posting now is because I've had a couple emails asking about it. The last couple days have kind of sucked. He and I have been working through some stuff, rather unpleasant stuff at that and I just wasn't ready to post about him while we were going through that. We still are to a degree, and it's going to take a while to get things back to normal but I will make the post. Right now, I just don't have the energy. It's been a draining few days. But we finally got to talk today.. at least for a bit. I'm not sure if he fell asleep or if my internet isn't sending the emails anymore since it's being a bitch at the moment (I've reset it several times and it still keeps dropping off and programs keep malfunctioning). But either way it's better than it was for both of us. Now, I am off to scavenge for dinner and go to bed.

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