Monday, April 23, 2012

Not Just For Dirty Balloons

I know everybody knows the brand Trojan for their condoms. But, did you know that they make sex toys as well?

Recently was awesome enough to send me the Trojan Midnight Collection Torsion Vibrator. First of all, I absolutely love the color of this. It's a gorgeous deep purple. The color alone attracted me to it. Secondly, it is a multi - position vibrator. All you have to do is give the shaft of the toy a slight twist and it changes positions side to side. I found this usefull in two ways. 1. You can stimulate the walls of your vagina amazingly well being able to turn it. If you enjoy the left side of your vagina stimulated.. you can have it easily without having to jab at it.. same with the right. 2. It's great for partner play. Depending how you're laying the toy can be adjusted to be comfortable for your partner to hold.

Speaking of the handle, it's made of plastic. Standard ABS, which to me feels a little cheap but it is just a handle so what does it matter? Nothing that's what. The shaft of the toy is made of silicone so it's body safe. While the toy is fairly long it does have a bit of a curve to it and only about 5 inches of the toy are actually insertable.

For use..this toy was average. It has nice deep, strong vibrations and 5 speeds and I believe 3 patterns. I really, really wanted this toy to wow me. It's gorgeous. However, while I did orgasm, while it was enjoyable it's not one of those toys that's going to make me want to toss every other piece I have. It is a standard vibrator, however if you are a fan of Trojan, give it a try. It is absolutely worth it. I think part of the lack of wow in this toy is Trojan itself is a big brand and while they are just starting to get into the big sex toy pieces I was expecting more. It's a good toy, a pleasurable toy, just didn't give me that wow factor I was expecting from it.

However, as an added bonus it comes with batteries and a storage pouch which is a lot more than most toys come with.

Thank you to Goodvibes for allowing me to review this gorgeous toy!

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