Monday, April 2, 2012

Smooth Jaz

I have been holding on to this review for a couple months now. sent me the Liberator Jaz Mini.. in blueberry(which I can't seem to find, but the colors don't change anything except that..the colors.).  Now, if you don't remember runs both in Canada and in the United States. No border fees either way.  So they are awesome.. and even more awesome for sending me a liberator piece.

Liberator is a sex furniture company... they have amazing pieces. They have gigantic pieces. I think the Jaz or the Jaz mini are perfect starting points. The price point on both of these pieces are reasonable, and it lets you get a feel for the products before you go spending more of your money. Now, I know a lot of you have clicked through and seen the price for this toy and now think I am crazy for saying it's reasonable. I thought it was crazy expensive stuff as well. Something to lust at but never actually get. Another thing with a high price tag that wont live up to it's hype.



This thing? This thing is the shit.

First of all the outside cover comes off so it can easily be washed. The inside of the Jaz mini is really, really dense foam. The piece measures 13 inches long, and 15 inches wide. It's not that big. I? Am not a tiny person. I have curves and some extra weight on me. I flat out sat on this thing and it didn't compact. It stayed in its wedge form. That? Is fucking awesome. It is insanely durable and as far as I know it's the smallest piece of the line!

Now, as for use.. it has many. Not all of them sexual. However this thing is really get for masturbating. Have I tested it with sex yet? No. *glares in Caels direction* I do plan to test that in May though. As far as masturbation... it works. It works well.  It lifts your hips up at an angle that allows them to open up more, which allows for deeper penetration. It also angles you so that for the most part, the g-spot is easier to access. At least for me. Now, as far as sex with the man on top, it lifts your body for easier penetration.It can also be placed on the side of the bed or anything waist height to keep your body up and bent in the right position, and keep you from sliding down.  It can also be used in the same manner if you lay on your stomach. 

What else have I used this thing for? A lot. First, I use it as a laptop pillow. It's perfectly slanted. It's great as a pillow when you're reading, it keeps you propped up. If you have a sore back I found it helps to wedge it under your back when your laying down. My back decided to try killing me and I could barely move for about a month. Laying down with the Jaz mini under my lower back was the only time my back wasn't screaming at me and putting me in tears. It's also great to sleep with between your legs. That helped me as well. Another thing? Yoga. I mentioned the ramp like shape of the piece opening your hips up, and it does. As does yoga. If you're just starting out or need some help reaching some positions... this thing is awesome for that. It's exercise equipment!

I will say, that if you are really sensitive about being curvy, and having a bit more weight... this will for most people I know be under them. Of course. What I mean is that it wont stick out on the sides of your body.. it is either exactly the hip size or a little smaller of most of the women I know. This is a small piece. If you're uncomfortable with that, go ahead and get the original Jaz. It's the same thing just a little bigger. 

I am absolutely, beyond a doubt in love with this thing. As an added bonus.. it doesn't even seem to pick up that much animal hair. I have toys that collect it like crazy, the cat has slept on this thing and the hair wiped right off.. no effort. This piece has definitely given me a taste of the liberator line and I can't wait to get my hands on some more! Thank you Pinkcherry,com!

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