Sunday, April 22, 2012


Now, I will post about my visit at Caels and the aftermath there of in a day or so. However, I was sent this question this morning and I thought I'd answer it quickly.  Since the question itself has a lot of personal info in I'm going to paraphrase :

"Serene, my boyfriend watches a lot of porn and it really bothers me. How do I deal with this, have you had to deal with guys watching it?" 

She goes on to say that she isn't a prude, and that she is open minded she just doesn't like porn. It bothers her.

Well. I got nothin'.

I've never had that porn hang up. I've always just sort of accepted it. I watch it on occasion.. not a lot but it does happen.

Now as far as guys watching it.. yeah. *Looks at Cael and starts laughing.*  *Has entire giggle fit, snorts and falls out of chair.* Cael watches a lot of it.. he downloads a lot of it. When I was up there the internet kicked me off so I went to check his computer to see if it still had internet (Shup! I had permission) and it did.. it also had his download screen up and it was full of porn. *shrugs* I know he watches it, and I'm totally fine with it. I know it's not a cheating thing for him, it's an aid.. just like my vibrators. I didn't get upset.. I don't even think I mentioned it because it didn't phase me. I mean I was impressed by the sheer volume considering I know he already has A LOT of it to begin with but that was it.

All I can say it try watching it with him and turn it into a couples thing now and then and you may loosen up over it. I know that when I move he'll watch porn when I'm home with him. I know he'll do it when I leave too. Hell, he may do it 3 feet from me while I'm on the phone.. as long as the person on the other end of the phone doesn't hear it I honestly don't care. If anything I'd get excited by it. Assuming it's that he watches it at all that bothers you not that you're offended by it or don't like watching it, just give it time. If you don't like watching it.. well.. don't. As long as he's not picking the porn over you, or spending 12 hours a day watching it then just brush it off as normal. All guys have some form of porn.. whether it's erotic fiction, porn mags, videos, cartoons, pictures, paintings, etc. Or just tell him that you're not comfortable with it and go from there. Talk to him. Talking usually helps things, but only if you're talking to the person you have the issue with.

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