Monday, June 21, 2010

Holy Mother Of Fuck

I am actually so stunned right now, this post is entitled the first thing I thought when this whole ordeal began.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have found a fucking wackadoodle.

My friend Chris, remember him? Remember how I said he found a gf? I present to you our wackadoodle, complete with her own tinfoil hat and bag of cats. I have known Chris, 12 years.... that's a long damn time. I've always refered to him as hun, always.  Him and I have always talked a lot, always. This little girl has lost her ever-loving mind.

She sent me a Facebook message, asking if I knew Chris and was friends with him. Of course, I text Chris to ask him if it was okay to answer her... I've never met the girl. He said to go ahead. So, I answered that I know him and we've been friends for a long long time. At this point she pulled her tampon sideways and become unhinged. She wanted to know why me knowing him that long and being close to him justified me calling him "Hun" and texting him quite a bit, because if he doesn't text me back it's obviously for a reason. This was where I sat, mouth open, shocked staring at this message for several minutes. I came back with "I've always called him hun, I call several people that. We talk a lot, we're pretty close, if he doesn't text me back that's fine. It's his choice."    Because really, the name means nothing to either of us... he's called me hun on several occasions as well and we talk a lot, we tell eachother everything and anything.   She then told me that I don't need to text as much, but I'm "a big girl" and can do what I want, but she doesn't appreciate it.  *Cue head spinning*  Trying to be civil I sent "I don't particularly appreciate you coming at me this way either. He and I are friends, if he had a problem with it he would tell me. He asked why I had stopped texting him as much, so I started texting again." I then congratulated myself on keeping my temper in the face of a wackadoodle. She then got pissy about my "coming at me" comment and followed it by saying shes never met me,  but I talk to him like I'm his gf and she's not a dummy. At which point she called me sweety (hmm,...random pet names for people other then your significant other? SHE MUST WANT ME! Ffs) "My friendship with Chris is exactly that, mine with him. He is my best friend and vice versa, all it is, is friends, always has been, always will be. What you're reading into things isn't what's going on. If you had a problem with me, then why come to me and not Chris?" soon as I asked that question I got told to have a nice life, and to stop texting him.

Holy fucking wackadoodle.

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