Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rectal Cranial Inversion

A two-part post

Part 1.

If any of you read my post yesterday you will have noticed that I said it was thursday night when in fact it was Wednesday. That was only a tiny blurb of my blank mind lately. I think over the last few months I've gone through enough emotional crap, mental gymnastics, and been run off my feet that after I wrote my essay my mind kinda went "Well, we've had enough. You're on your own now."

Even grocery shopping was above me the other day. I had a list made and couldn't for the life of me figure out why I wrote down some of the things I did. Just following the list I was getting frustrated and I have no idea why. Just could not focus enough to do it.

Part of my issue lately is people are just driving me nuts. Right now I am talking to Chris who is telling me that he will go to the wedding but wont be staying out here for the night because his gf wouldn't like it. Well ya know, I asked about this when they started dating and he said it would be fine, now he's saying that he meant the wedding in general. I do not want him driving after he drinks. We had a night planned. It was going to be fun. Now it's thrown out the window. I mean really, it's not like anything would happen, he would be staying in the living room, not my room. Plus, he has a gf... he doesn't cheat and I don't want any part in helping anybody cheat. Yeah, yeah, different rules and such but it really irritates me when people date somebody and then completely change and that seems to be what's happening.
Part 2
Rectal Cranial Inversion : Holy Crap on a Cracker.

My day... holy shit.

First thing first, I can fly.

For two days now it has been raining. Non-stop raining actually. Everything is soaked and puddled. The wind is also blowing. The wind around here doesn't just blow. It peels shingles, blows down trees and throws trampolines into sides of houses. That's what happened today (again, yes twice now) so my mother and I went out to take it apart so it didn't wreck the siding. Now, first we thought we would just turn it over... it's worked before. We tried. We got it up on its side and a huge gust of wind came and picked it up,lifting my feet up off the ground and flying me to the other end of the yard where the trampoline slammed into the fence.

At this point we decided just to hold it down while my brother took the springs out and took the thing apart. Finally we had the netting off and I went around and picked it up and carried it to the deck.... further soaking myself. I looked like I had just climbed out of a pool. Now, normally you would dry off, warm up and be done with it. My body however rebels. It hates being hot but cold is worse. I get cold then I get dizzy, headachy, I've even fainted. My skin gets really red, and then white blotches develop all over my body. They get stingy and sore and raise from my body a bit, then eventually I'll get warm and they'll start to fade and disappear. It's frieken weird.

Speaking of freakin weird, I have a friend whose sister is sleeping with his brother. Step siblings but holy wow is that creepy to me. Nothing illegal but damn. Especially since telling this guy was a horrible choice by whoever told him... he's so protective.... it drove him insane. I just cannot seem to fathom what logic leads people to their choices sometimes. Wow.


  1. sadly i too know a guy who slept with his step sister... only that was before they were step brother and sister.... before they even knew thier respective parents were dating... before a very very terrible breakup... then they had to live together.. awkward

  2. My mom knows people we were step siblings but were raised as brother and sister fince they were like 5 and ended up getting married and having kids.