Monday, June 14, 2010


I'm feeling pretty isolated lately. Everybody I know has a gf or bf and is preoccupied with them. Chris found a girl and I haven't really heard from him much. He's been off work for a week or so and I've gotten two texts and haven't seen him in about a month. Cael has a gf and I haven't heard from him a lot either. When I have the conversation has had a different tone, which I was honestly expecting but I don't know. Mark isn't answering me, and my one and only girl friend that lives here is always out camping with her bf.

I just feel isolated and cut off from a lot lately. Thus I am not feeling too hot. Add that to being preoccupied with tests, the wedding, family badgering me to get out (With who I ask?!) and just feeling kinda down, I have little to no inspiration for posts. It's getting a little sad.

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  1. *hint hint nudge nudge* you still have my number for random texts :P