Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Proven Right

What have I been proven right about? Chris disappearing now that he has a gf.

I brought it up to him a few days ago, and we eventually got into a discussion about how my uncle thinks I have a touch of depression lately. When Chris heard that he said that he would come visit me this week. I think it was partially a pity visit because if I hadn't mentioned that I don't think he would have made the offer. However, that doesn't matter because I haven't heard from him since. It is now thursday night. Weekends he spends with his gf, and I'm busy this weekend anyhow so it's out. Next weekend is the wedding and really, I'm wondering if he's even going. I used to talk to him every single day, since he's had a gf, I've talked to him twice. I'm getting a little pissed off to be honest. He swore this wouldn't happen, promised... and yet here we are. Yet-a-fucking-gain.

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