Saturday, June 26, 2010

A slight rundown

In bullet points because I'm too tired for an actual post.

  • Last night the family of both the bride and the groom went down to the hall where the wedding was being held and set it up. After about 45 minutes of people arguing where to set up the tables... I got annoyed and walked away. My uncle asked where I was going and I told him that when they were ready to decorate to call me.

  • Once the decorating was done they did a rehearsal, for which I took the place of  a bridesmaid because one them was slow getting there. I walked in and out of that hall 6 times. I finally gave up and sat down.


  • Today was the wedding. I got dressed, did my makeup (light purple, medium purple, darkish purple, darker purple and a touch of black eyeshadow plus a little liner. Looked, so good!) and then the 4 of my family, plus Chris went down to the hall. Where he proceeds to tease me, and make cracks about me in a collar, wanting a daddy, and being odd. Good thing I like him.

  • About 3 hours in Chris leaves. Kinda pisses me off, especially since just before he left he got a "mysterious" phone call. I wonder who it was from!? He'd told me earlier that she was not happy that he was there and with me. Then he has to suddenly leave...yeah, do not like her.

  • After he left they did a slide show. They were pictures for the mixed stag/staggette. I swear my uncle had more fun with that little pink dildo than we did :P

  • Then it was just talking, dancing, etc.

  • All through this I was going back and forth between our table/wherever we were standing and the bar. I must have walked that path 10 times. I knew the guy working the bar and he laughed when he seen me coming, he even stopped asking what I wanted. My mother and I drank Caesars all night and I ended up being the one that went for them every time,plus for the odd beer that I would grab for people. When my mother finally went up with me, he looks at her and goes "Do you know how many of those she's had?!" Then we both laughed, because if I HAD, had all of them... I would no longer be standing.

  • Then, to end the night I got mauled. My uncles best man, a man whom I had not taken a liking to decided we needed to be friends. (This was after he told me I had no personality and that maybe alcohol would help it the night before.) He kept trying to hug me. I do not hug people. I can hug those that I like in general if I need to... but if you're drunk and I do not like you... I will not do it. I wont even do it if you were sober. We were standing outside and he comes over, puts his arm around me and wants a hug, I say no, he says he'll pay me five bucks to be his friend. Then he asks if I'm proud of my brother, I said "sure." He started laughing and trying to hug me again and said we could go behind the tree and I could show him how proud. (Oh drunk people!) He then gets very close and asks for a hug, I ask him if he's going to step back. Which he does. Then I escape over to my uncle... he follows. He hugs people over there, and while he's hugging one of them I sneak back to the other group and hide in the middle. Eventually he finds me and asks for a hug, at which point a friend of the family steps between us and pushes him back with her ass and he starts bugging her  a bit until he remembers I'm there then says that everybody else hugs him. I pointed to a far off group and asked if they would hug him and he says the would, so I told him I don't believe him, to prove it. As he goes striding off to the other group I make a break for the doors to get inside. And the whole time this is going on everybody outside with us was laughing. I will admit, that I am tired and drank a bit and left some out because I just can't remember enough to include them, but it was funny. I just don't like people touching me much.


I Think I am going to end this here, I'm tired, and am starting to get a headache. Advil, water, bed. MMMMMmmmmmmm.

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