Monday, June 28, 2010


These are just some things that I have learned in the last little bit :

  1. If I ever have a wedding I will not allow other people to run it.

  2. If I ever have a wedding, the wine will be poured, not set on tables. Especially if somebody else is paying for said wine because it increases the bill by about $100.

  3. If I ever have a wedding, things will be thought out instead of an unorganized mess. (Seriously Sephi, I now have some DO NOT's if you're interested haha)

  4. B was my first master, and a pretty great relationship (for the most part) and as a first master will always be a tiny part of me, at least for a while.

  5. I am a lot more like my mother than anybody ever thought.

  6. I am proud of that last fact.

  7. My uncle's best man (the hugger,groper) got beat up, let alone beat up by a man in a wheelchair. Justice does happen.

  8. Chris is there when I need him, even if his attention is divided.

  9. Cael (wrote his real name again... apparently I'm incapable of writing his alias.) is always around when I need to talk. Even if I am bawling and just need somebody to tell me that I'm not insane. I've also learned that he will tell me that I need to think about what I'm doing, or that he doesn't think something is a good idea when I haven't been able to figure out which way is up enough to see what is happening.

  10. Asking questions is always good.

  11. Having friends that remind you of some of the questions to ask a new guy is a good thing.

  12. Kicking tires, and asking questions of a new guy is very helpful, especially when you find out he doesn't even know what he wants.

  13. There are quite a few people who know me and like me that are friends with my uncle.

  14. I hate wine. The only kind I like is $5 and bubbly.

  15. I no longer say people are my favourite. I now say "You annoy me less than anybody else in the world!"

  16. People are blind to things they don't want to see.

  17. My fucking plants are refusing to grow! My aunt is coming to help haha.

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