Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh, That's why!

Holy Mother Of Fuck. I am in a mood.

You would think after going to a bachelorette party today, drinking, having fun I would be in a great mood. And I would, if I had been able to leave about an hour or so after the party ended. However, after the bachelor/bachelorette parties the two groups merged for a bbq.... great, wonderful. I was fine with it. Now, that I have that explained I will start from the beginning.

The bachelorette thing started at 2 in the afternoon. It was just a small party, with a few games, gifts, drinking and whatever else we wanted. I sat off to the side a bit with my aunt seeing as how I didn't really know anybody. (I got more comfortable with some as the time went on) Everything was great at the party, I had one of the coolers I had brought (took 3 for myself, brought home one. I also brought 3 for my dad when he showed up) and we all sat around talking. As bbq time roles around a few more people start showing up, my dad included. By the time all the guys got there that had gone to the strippers for the afternoon... my dad had finished two coolers, about 45 minutes. My uncle walks in (and boy do I use the term "walks"loosely) partially carried by Lady Di's son. About an hour into watching him stumble, scream, fight and rip open his pants I figure I've had enough. I'd been there about 5 hours at that point, I was ready to go home. My dad walks up and informs me that he has drank all his coolers and was going to get a 6 pack of beer. I inform him that it's now just before 8 and we should get going. He says okay, but he wants to have a beer first. ... I'm not going to win the argument so I give up and he goes to get beer. At this point, my uncle, his best man and the MC for the wedding and have spilled several drinks, fought each other, screamed at each other, thrown my uncles "crown" around about 30 times and have posed with the plastic penis from the bachelorette party.

Fast forward another hour. I am still fucking there. Hell, fast forward 2 or 3 hours... I am still fucking there. I have been told "One more beer" several times. I have been yelled at, just about trampled several times, and honestly... I have just had enough. There is only so much drunk shit I can take before I just get pissed off. I am at that point. I cannot fucking deal with drunks. I have watched one uncle die because of drinking and now I am sitting watching the other uncle who is a "former" alcoholic and "former" drug addict, do those two things. Add that to about 6 other people who are completely wasted and insist on talking to me, threaten me and just plain piss me off... I am not happy. I've floated in the house, in the yard...everywhere, I am not comfortable anywhere. I am not comfortable about people when they're drunk. I've seen way too much of it. I ended up at one point talking to Lady Di about how I choose not to get drunk and couldn't be drunk like the people around there. She says I don't have to be... wonderful, I agree. I do however have to deal with all of them when I have no way home. Anybody that could have taken me home had already left several hours before. Finally by 12:30 I went back over to my dad and told him what time it was and that we needed to go, I'd been there over 10 hours. He asks if he can have another beer, my response ? "You've had 3 coolers and 5 are fucking done." About a half hour later he finally decides it's time to leave.

He should not be driving... however he does, I don't drive, everybody else left and he refused to pay for a cab. I have no way home if I do not go with him and there is no way in hell I am staying at the house with my uncle and his soon to be brother in law who had threatened me twice because apparently I was judging him. So, we get in the truck.... and I fucking swear if you went out and looked there are nail marks in the handle on the passenger side. We swerved, we didn't turn as soon as we normally would... my stomach was in my throat all the way home. And for those of you thinking it... I tried calling several people... no answer from any of them.

This is why I do not go out to parties or get togethers like this. I can't fucking stand it. For a couple of hours, yes....once they start getting drunk beyond a reasonable level (or arrive drunk in some cases) I need to leave. It affects me. I get pissed off, I get upset, I got home and I was teary eyed because I had no fucking way out.  People think I don't go out because I'm shy, or in a rut or scared... not true, I just cannot stand people. 

As you can see, I am in no mood to write a good post tonight so I'm leaving this here.

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