Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Day and A Random List Of Funneh.

  • First I awoke. Angels sang, I'm sure of it.

  • I went to put an elastic in my hair and promptly pulled it out as I went to loop it around. My hair is shorter than I'm used to.

  • Having watched the dog pout at the front window while the grass was cut, I decided to rescue her little world, put a leash on her and take her out front. At which point the lawn mower spit a rock at my that took up residence in thigh. I have a bruise and not from anything fun.

  • After which I made her day even better. I took her for a car ride. I wasn't driving, don't worry. No people or animals were harmed in the making of my day. ...except for me..and my mother, but that's coming.

  • As we were driving home I got an Iced Cap. My, oh, my. So good. caffeine score!

  • We got home, I stripped. Not literally. I rarely ever wear "proper clothes" at home. It's usually sweats, pjs pants and random shirts sometimes of the pajama variety. I like to be comfortable.

  • Walking out of my room I passed my cat, who decided to play follow the leader. After five minutes of this I just picked her up. She thinks she's people. You don't hold her like you would a normal cat. No, no. You hold her like a baby, either in your arms or hugged to your hip. I do the hip one because then she puts her front legs around my chest and I get kitty hugs. I must have carried her around for half an hour before she finally decided to get down.

  • At this point I dragged the 20 pound bag of topsoil out from the corner of the deck(with a few comical "it's heavy" noises) and re-potted my plants.

  • Fast forward a few hours I am sitting in the chair of the living room. Grey sweatpants, grey top, black and green striped socks and my fancy wedding shoes. I was teh fashionable. I have to break the things in somehow!

  • My brother called me the wicked witch of the west and asked if a house were to fall on me if my legs would curl up. Icehole.

  • A couple more hours later I was walking behind my mom and kicked her in the butt (normal thing around here. We have a house of calamity.) ...however I had my shoes on. Teh pointy ones. She grabber her ass and started laughing. See, these shoes have flat, silver studs in on the toes. Apparently they are not ribbed for her pleasure. This was the start of an hour-long giddy laughing session for us. We amuse each other.  


  1. you can move in with me? ok? cool. see you in a few days :P I need some calamity and humor (not to mention a lovable cat) in my life!!

  2. I'll tie all of my belongings on a string and pull them behind me as I walk to you, If I'm lucky a nice man will pick me up. Btw, the cat is cranky with everybody but me. She has good taste :P

  3. hey with that kinda motivation you'd totally be in shape by the time you hit texas!!! btw I have yet to meet a cat that DOESN'T love me :D I has teh cat scratch fevah! even teh kittehs that everyone sez iz evilz....lurvez meh! (totally went LOLcatz)

  4. Motivation: I have it! *Snickers come from behind* Shut up in the cheap seats!

    Well, she iz teh evilz. .... lolcats...I thought it was the magic markers!