Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yet Again

Another smaller post today. I'm exhausted. In the last three days I've had about 12 hours of sleep, yet cannot for the life of me sleep when I go to bed. I've also been studying my ass off. As of today I have three tests left. I have another tomorrow, one the next week and then another the week after that. I'm burned the hell out. Between things with school, weight, friends, B, family, etc. I have very little reserves left. I cannot wait for this month to be over then I can just sit and decompress a bit. Once I hit the 25th I can do that. Just gotta make it until then.

On a happier note, today I realized my dog is a dog. I know, shocker! Thing is, she acts so much little a little person, when she does dog type things it takes me by surprise. She has four legs. eats out of a dog dish and plays catch... this is about where her "dogness" ends. She was a stray we found about 5 years ago, when we took her to the vet they told us that they thought she was only a month or so old. She wasn't old enough to be away from her mother yet. So almost since the day she was born she's had human contact and that's about it. (She gets along with a tiny chihuahua named Chachee but that's about it. Byproduct of being taken away from her mom too early) For the first 6 months she was with us, she had to wear clothes. She had little bugs on her that made her scratch and pull her hair out and cause rashes, so we were told to dress her. She had shirts and little dresses. It got to the point that when we went to let her outside, she wouldn't go unless she was dressed. She would sit at the door and whine until you put a shirt on her then she would go out. She was nakey ya know. When we take her in the car with us she sits on the seat and looks out the window, and instead of a dish with water...she will drink out of a water bottle. She also doesn't sit like most dogs, she sits flat on her ass like a human does. She occasionally gets tiny scraps and she will eat off a fork. She loves french fries...but it needs to be dipped in ketchup, then because she hates ketchup on her lips she curls them up to take the fry from you. When she sleeps, be it on a bed, or the couch (she rarely does the floor and when she does she ends up using some bodies foot, or random piece of whatever as a pillow) she lays her head on a pillow. If you say "excuse me" she will move. We left her in the car once when she was little to get the mail, we came back and she had opened the hotdog package and had taken 1 hotdog out, leaving the rest for everybody else. She even talks. My mother and I were sitting in the living room one day and she walked in and growled and it sounded just like "I wanna go outside!" Enough so that both my mother and I stopped, looked at her, then looked at each other. I'm telling you this because today I walked out into the backyard and she was rolling around on the grass. I've seen her do this twice and it throws me off every damn time.

A picture...because I can and because I quite like that necklace. It's a skull that turns into a heart.

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