Monday, September 12, 2011


Well, Good vibes being the awesome company that they are allowed me to review the Pirates Pendant Vibrator, apparently it is affiliated with a porn, that I have not seen.  It's pretty though!

I'm not going to lie, this will be a very short review.

I chose this toy because Cael enjoys playing in public so a little toy that I can wear around my neck and tuck in my shirt would be perfect. Truthfully, it still is.

According to the site the mini vibrator has 5 Vibration settings. Which, for the size of the toy and the price is absolutely awesome. My issue though? I used the toy once and it had all the patterns. I went to use it again and.... no patterns. The vibrator still turns on  and has three power settings but no patterns. Personally this is not a big deal to me, patterns aren't that much of a pull for me. I prefer the steady vibration. The vibration itself isn't buzzy and irritating, but neither is it the deep vibration that I tend to prefer. So for me, this toy is exactly what I intended to use it as. Something discreet that can be used for public play. It does take watch batteries, but they can be picked up in dollar stores, so don't let that put you off if you're interested in this toy. It reminds me of the many clit toys you can buy which is great if you haven't tried any before because this would work nicely as an introduction toy.

Thanks to Good vibes for letting me get my pirate on(and aiding Caels obsession with them.)

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