Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well, I could sit here and type a post about the new cuffs, or the toys I have coming for review. I could talk about how Cael is still needing space to get back to himself and how I miss him so much I actually physically ache some moments. I could do a post on how much I luff that man and how much I value him. I could do a post on the things I talked about with Sephi's master the other night. Or, I could write a post about all the negative comments I've gotten from people lately that's made me  see a lot more than I did before, and despite some of their best efforts has not changed my opinion on how I function, live my life with Cael, and Cael in general but you can bet your ass it changed my opinion of them irreversibly. Instant way to piss me off? Attack me, my relationship or my owner -.-  Some of them hadn't seen me angry, they now have. Others I just listened and dismissed.

I could write about a lot of things. But you know what? I don't need to upset myself. I am happy and content and loved and valued with Cael. He is where I belong, and who I belong with and people striking out in jealousy and ignorance is not going to affect that.

So, instead of delving into my head I am going to go take a nice bath, write my nightly email to Cael, perhaps reply to Kitten, and go to bed because in the end the others aren't worth it. He is who I "luff" (gods do I hate that word!) and who I want to be with, he makes me feel safe... they make me feel nothing but irritation at their ignorance. And that? Only comes because at one point they WERE my friends.

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