Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fluff & Stuff or Up Yours!

Dear Body,

I know you, I know you very well. I realize that I am upset and missing Cael and that it affects the way you respond. However, it has been several weeks since you've given me an orgasm and not for lack of trying. I've spent over an hour sometimes trying and nothing. Not even a glimmer of it. Normally it's under 20 minutes ... now I'm over an hour and nothing happens. I know its an emotional and physical response to missing him and not having him around but I'd REALLY like an orgasm.

Yours forever,


Dear Serene,

Suck it the fuck up. It ain't happening. I don't know if YOU have noticed but uhm.. we don't orgasm if Cael isn't around. Hell, even when he is if you aren't thinking about him it takes longer. Really though, remember when he was mad and disappointed with us? Do you remember how we didn't orgasm for months until he made us? Haven't you noticed that? Come on now, it's only logical that it wouldn't happen when we miss him so. So, keep trying, 2 or 3 hour masturbation sessions if you really want to. You aren't getting anything.  The issue here? I am no longer yours. Sure you feed me and have control of how I move but I am no longer your body. I belong elsewhere and until he comes back and evens us back out I downright refuse to orgasm.

Up yours,

His forever,

Your body.