Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pick Me Up

If you’ve been reading here long you’ll know a few things. First, I write about Edenfantasys. Second, I am a very happily owned submissive. Third, I am currently trying to lose weight.

Today, all of these things are linked. While doing one of my “I’m bored so I’ll go play on EF” stints, I found some stuff. More accurately I found a waist cincher/underbust corset. I plan to get it as a goal. I’m buying a size I know will not fit and I will until I can fit into it. It’s a physical reminder everyday of why I’m trying to lose weight. Plus! I love underbust corsets and plan on having several once I lose weight. So this? Has just made it a bigger plus.

I was also talking a few people the other day that either sleep in cuffs, or plan to. I got all excited about the idea. It would be yet another physical reminder, this time of Cael and my place with him. I think it will help mellow me out at night and maybe be able to sleep better. I am actually very excited to be able to do this. Even if I only wear them here and he has no use for them when I move, they will have more than served their purpose.

So, those are two items that will be in my next order, along with treasure of the sea bath salts. (FINALLY!!!) I cannot wait for this order to come in. This will definitely be one of those boxes that I’m standing at the door doing happy wiggles as the delivery guy walks up the drive. But that’s okay. It’s worth it! And I know the guy so he’s just not surprised by me anymore, though he has become one of my favorite people lately. He brings me fun things.  :)

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