Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pleasure Ripples

A while ago Good vibes was kind enough to send me a dildo to review. I can honestly say that I was VERY thorough with this review. I spent more time reviewing this product than I have with any other I've been sent. Why? Well, because this is definitely worth it.

When I opened the shipping box I was greeted with a very large blister package containing the Rippler. It was intimidating, and I don't mean the packaging. The dildo is 7 ¼ inches long, 1 5/8 inches - 1 7/8 inches in diameter. Essentially? It's fucking huge! I can barely wrap my hand around the base of this toy. The "ripples" carry all the way around the toy and while they look rather blunt in the picture they aren't at all. They're rounded and actually flow fairly naturally with the toy.

The ridges do not make it hard to enjoy the toy. I've owned other toys with the spiraling around the shaft and I've always found it more distracting than anything else. I think because the toy is such a large size to begin with that you feel more size than anything else. The ridges are felt, but they aren't drastic and irritating. I actually love this dildo. In the month or so that I've had it it has gotten a lot of use. Even with the use and the cleaning the toy is holding up really well, and I haven't noticed any issues with it yet. Another great point? It's silicone and comes in 3 colours... I have the green. It's gorgeous.

Now that I've told you about the toy I'll tell you about its use. Thing with this sex toy is it is large... it needs warm up. For me, if there is no warm up I don't stretch or hurt upon insertion. It just will not insert. I'll get maybe an inch in and my body laughs and clamps down not letting it in further. If I play a bit and warm up to it I can take about half of the toy in comfortably. To take the whole thing? I need to be at least 3 orgasms in and be very well lubricated naturally or otherwise. So, this toy is most definitely not a beginners toy. But you know what? I love its size. It seems to be the width of this toy that gives me the orgasms. So, if you like that stretching, amazingly warm and delicious full feeling? GO GET THIS TOY.

Oh... I did find a down side to this toy. ... it doesn't fit in anything. Not one single toy bag I have found will fit this thing. So, for now? It's sitting on a shelf in my closet with my coffee mugs. What? That's normal :) It's a pretty colour it fits right in there...like a huge ass tree among shrubs !

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