Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh, Oh, Oh.

Alright. I missed a post. But I have a really good excuse!

Sunday was the night from hell! But, I'll start from the beginning.

This weekend being a long weekend there was a camp out at my families farm. These are usually a lot of fun, and Saturday it was. I got to spend time with Lady Di and my uncle, along with several other people that I quite like. I even got to spend some time with the guy I blogged about last summer that I drooled over. After having spent some time with him since then that crush has totally dissolved but he's still a pretty good guy with a pretty cool submissive side that I'm not sure he knows he has. He knows he likes rough sex, but watching the way he fusses and takes care of his gf reminds me of the way I fuss over Cael. It's kind of cool to see it from this side, and not being the submissive one. His gf is from another country so some of the fussing is just so she doesn't get into something she can't get out of. But still cool, even if he can pick me up and carry me around. The guy is huge... almost 7 feet tall.

So that night was fun.

Then Sunday I went back down after supper (an awesome quiche btw.) and my uncles friend was down there. We'll call him FW for fuckwad. This is the same guy that corned and groped me at my uncles wedding. Not only was he trying to do that again, but because of my impeccable hearing I heard him asking another guy "What's the fat chicks name?" in reference to me. Yeah. Did. Not. Go. Well. When I was finished tearing him apart, my father got a turn. Then the next day when my uncle and Lady Di found out they resolved to deal with it, which means Lady Di would be on the phone to FW's wife. Last time this happened she was mad for weeks, this time she was already mad to the point she packed up and left him down at the farm. Adding this new bullshit on to it would have made it worse. Needless to say I watched for him in the ditches yesterday when I went into town, I was sure he'd be in one of them :)   Aside from that I talked to Cael about it and he was his smile inducing protective self, and when my uncle told a few of the guys down there what happened I learned that I am pretty damn protected which is nice, but I did handle it myself. After I tore him apart he came up to me trying to apologize and I told him that until he grew some balls and could work up to talking to me when he was sober (because he doesn't, he has to be drunk or he wont talk to me. One of the girls down there things I intimidate him. I am pleased.) we'd talk and I MAY accept his apology. Which I wont, but I have quite a bit to say to him at this point. He let me stew too long, he still hasn't worked up the guts to apologize for what he did at my uncles wedding..over a year ago.

So, yes. That is why I didn't post. I got home and I just passed out.

Other than that not a lot has happened. Last night cael and I were doing our usual teasing/playing around. I make snarky comments, he flexes his control, I try to wait it out and win but always give in and come crawling back admitting his dominance and possession of me. I smile like an idiot when  it happens. I love feeling his control, I love when he lets me play and reels me back in just by being silent and knowing I can't stay away. It makes me happy, makes the feeling of luff and submission well up until I smile and want to curl up at his feet. It's almost like being a submissive wolf to his alpha. He lets me play and nip at him but when he stops playing back I saunter off waiting for him to come attack and pull me back into line. But he doesn't. He knows he doesn't have to, because I can play and bite and paw at him all I want, we both know the hierarchy, we both know that no matter what he lets me do and get away with he is alpha. I'll be the one to come back because I can't stand not being around him and I'll lay at his feet and roll over giving my throat and stomach, knowing he wont tear me apart, he'll smirk and lick my cheek and saunter away knowing that I'll follow him. Because I will, I will follow him whether I have spoken and written rules or not. It winds me tighter and tighter, binding me closer to him. It's a good feeling.

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