Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh Happy Day

As you all know I ordered a set of cuffs off of EdenFantasys. Specifically they are the Jaguar Cuffs by Aslan Leather... which is a Canadian company and kind of cool. I am in love with these cuffs. They are real leather, have a silver D ring and seem to be really well made. I wore them to bed last night (as I bought them for) and just doing that has helped them get more comfortable. They come connected to each other, loose in the shipping box so they're fairly stiff when you first get them. I'm wearing them fairly loose because right now my wrists seem to be an in-between size according to the fastener placement. I'm hoping that as I lose weight I'll lose enough that I can tighten them up properly. Right now they spin a bit on my wrists because the next fastening hole it too tight. Which means that they sit however they want on my wrists and as such aren't molding to my wrist with the D ring in the front. Not a huge deal but when you get all OCD about things it can be irritating. In general those, these are great. All of the issues I have are fixable so, thus far I'm very happy with them.

I got a few other things in this order. My bath salts, the Kama Sutra ones that I have been raving about forever, which by the way come in a much bigger container than I was expecting. That was a pleasant surprise. The Story Of O, which I have just started reading. It seems like a good story, but the writing is fairly choppy. However, everybody I've talked to that have read it said it's a good book and everybody should read it at least once, so I am. And, officially my favorite glass dildo ever. The Royal Duet by SSA glass. It's a double ended dildo AND it's the first toy that I've gotten that is long enough to bump my cervix. Most women find it to be painful, I happen to quite like it. I get an entirely different orgasm from it so for me, this is a huge plus. All in all an awesome order!

Oh! Did I mention that my order showed up a whole THREE days early? No? Well it did. Yet another reason that I love EdenFantasys.

And as a side note, the Kink Club is back up and running! Rayne from Insatiable Desire has taken it over and it meets on the 29th, LunaKM will be guest hosting. I expect to see some of you there! I definitely will be.

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