Thursday, July 14, 2011

Good Vibrations

Is anybody else hearing that beach boys song?

I am, and for once it's actually a good thing.

I've recently gotten involved with Good Vibrations. Good vibrations sex toys are varied. They have everything from standard lube and dildos to bondage and fetish toys.

Recently, I was sent two toys. The first toy I'm going to review is the iRabbit Mini Waterproof vibrator.

Before I begin though I do have to say that I waited quite a while for these toys to get to me. There was a postal strike where I live and my toys got caught up in the middle of it. The strike ended a while ago and just the other day I received my lovely little brown box from the unknowing old man at the post office. I had absolutely no problems with the shipping (other than the aforementioned strike). A lot of places pack their toys in paper, these came in the Styrofoam  popcorn pieces, which pleased my animals to no end.

The toy itself came in rather unique packaging. It was what I'm going to call a partial clam-shell package. There was an outer shell like sleeve and slid off fairly easily once you realized there was a little popped out piece keeping the sleeve in place. Once you've slapped your forehead in amazement that you didn't see the mysterious button - O - pleasure sneak lock you have the partial clam-shell. There were two more popped out pieces holding the one edge closed leaving the other side open and easy to get to the toy. While that makes the packing easy, if you are one of those people that stores your toys in their packaging I'm not sure how well it would work for you. I'm anal and store everything separately, so I am going to have to invest in a bag to put my toy in. Right now it's just in a plastic bag.

Storing for this toy is more important because it is a softer material. It's made out of PVC and ABS which 1. Collects lint and hair, 2. Is fairly susceptible to molding to other toys if they're pressed right up against each other and 3. It has a jelly like feel to it in some spots and I'm not sure if it's true for this toy but I know jelly can melt a bit in really, really hot weather. So, a toy case or bag of some sort will definitely be a help here.

While the toy is called a mini... it's a fair size. It's not overly large but it's also not a mini travel vibe that most people are used to when they see the word "mini." However, it is smaller than the usual rabbit style vibrators. It is 5 inches long for insertion and 9 in total, and 1 3/8 in diameter. So, size queens may not be quite satisfied, but for a beginner or somebody who doesn't care about the size of the toy it's perfect. It was long enough to reach the right spots and still have the clit piece use able. The clit piece itself is very flexible so the toy should be good for you no matter the placement and spacing of your clit and vagina. While I seen the pluses to a toy designed this way I would have liked more stiffness to it, more of a solid piece to grind on. The "rabbit ears" of this toy are also very flexible and as such carry the vibrations really well. I did find however that as long as the clit toy was pressed down under my clit it was great. When it was above it I didn't get as much stimulation. Not a big deal.

The shaft of this toy has little pearls inside that rotate. The material covering the pearls is thick enough that they wont bulge out or tear through but thin enough they can be felt. Having the toy turned up all the way it sent the pearls rolling pretty good, but for me I would have been happy if the toy just vibrated along the shaft. In my hand I could feel the pearls moving but inside of me they weren't as noticeable. You could feel them but it wasn't as intense as I was expecting. The vibrator has 3 settings/patterns and 4 levels of intensity. The patterns affect both the shaft and the clit piece which is something I haven't seen yet and really quite cool.

For looks the toy I received is blue with white pearls and is really quite pretty. The bottom portion of the shaft is textured to look like tree bark with the odd leaf here and there. The center is the pearls and the tip is realistic, although blue. Those with smurf fantasies should be over the moon :) .

In use... the toy works. It's proportioned right, and textured perfectly. For me though, this toy had an unexpected affect. The vibrations on this toy are pretty high frequency. They aren't the deep vibrations they're the surface ones that a lot of people describe as stingy or itchy. This isn't an issue for me. I prefer the deeper vibrations but the higher ones are a tease, a form of sexual torture because it drives me up the wall. Not in a bad way though, I can still orgasm from it, it just drives me up the wall which in the relationship dynamic I'm in is not an issue.

So for me this toy is a win from it's look and design to its functions. I want to thank Good Vibrations Sex Toys for allowing me to review this toy, and finally find another vibrator that can go into my toy rotation.

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