Thursday, March 11, 2010

Best Master Evar!

My weight has been stuck for weeks now. In fact I have been slowly gaining. Some of it is water-weight, the rest is laziness and being too easy on myself.

Because of this I have reworked my exercise plan to be a bit more aggressive and thought out. I am now working on my diet, trying to weed out the bad things without making myself feel trapped and restricted. This is not an easy task.

When I asked Master for help, he instituted a new rule: I am to masturbate and orgasm three times before I can go to sleep. Aerobic excercise ya know :P


  1. I'm not buying your method of upgrade :P I is not that brave!

  2. Well I know master likes it but ya know, I'm really not sure that it was an upgrade. You see, master started out sweet and loving and a little dominant. Slowly but surely that little bit of dominance is growing. I believe he was lulling me into a false sense of security.

    Now he is dominant with loving/sweetness thrown in. It's just who he is I think, however, if I ever find the master manual or a reprogrammer than I will alert you immediately.

  3. Three times??? OMG! I can sometimes do twice in a row, but i get sooo sensitive i must stop. It's all Sir's fault, ever since he attacked my clit 2 weeks ago....i've been easy to O and very overstimulated while it's happening. Screaming O's and i have to shush myself so i don't wake upthe neighborhood...or my kids...grins....

    my sympathy! me? i'd go for a walk...giggles...


  4. His intent with three orgasms was to wear me out so I can't move. It did not work as I pointed out in my latest post.

    If it was his hands on my clit, then yes. One would have been enough.... three would have been unbearable. He has this knack for finding just the right spot and then putting way too much pressure and stimulation over it until I'm whimpering and begging and trying to crawl my way through him (since rolling away just gets me in trouble.)

    Masturbation just doesn't wear me out, of course it doesn't take me long to orgasm either, I know my body very well and I'm rarely in the mood to tease myself.